Gift Ideas – Wedding Anniversaries

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? If you and your partner are the traditional types, then you’ve come to the right place! The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of some of the traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries by year, along with some ideas to really help you with your gift choice and inspire you along the way!

1st Anniversary – Paper

Treat your partner to something unexpected and think outside the box for your 1st wedding anniversary together. You could treat them to a print from Etsy including their favourite quote, a personalised newspaper, tickets to see their favourite band or a photo album filled with photos of your first year as a married couple. 

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Surprise them with something cosy for this year’s celebration- whether that’s a personalised pillow, new bedsheets, or a cotton throw. You could even treat them to a new outfit to wear on a romantic date. 

3rd Anniversary – Leather

It’s all about the leather for your third anniversary and the list of gift options is endless! Opt for a new handbag, wallet, shoes, belt, jacket or maybe even a new watch which you could have engraved!

4th Anniversary – Flowers or Fruit

The easy option for this anniversary would be to treat your loved one to a bouquet of their favourite flowers, but if you’d like to think outside the box, why not set up a fruit and veg patch in your garden? Not only would this be a great activity to enjoy as a couple, but you could enjoy the food all year round too! Other options include house plants, a fruit bowl, or flower/fruit printed artwork. 

5th Anniversary – Wood

There are many personalised gifts you can order online which are made from wood including personalised ring holders, key rings, furniture and chopping boards. If you really wanted to treat them to something special, get whitling and carve them something out of wood instead!

6th Anniversary – Sugar

The perfect gift to enjoy on the sofa with your favourite movie- sugar! Whether they like chocolate, sweets, ice-cream, cake, or cookies- treat them to something sweet this anniversary.

7th Anniversary – Wool

The winter gift! For this anniversary, you could treat them to a new jumper, blanket, slippers, or socks. Get out the knitting needles to make this year extra special. 

8th Anniversary – Salt

Just because this year’s gift is salt, doesn’t mean you should be grabbing the saltshaker! Think of something unique and treat your partner to some new salt bath products or beauty items. You could even enjoy a trip to the beach or a spa weekend together.

9th Anniversary – Copper

For this year’s anniversary, think jewellery, kitchen appliances and home accessories including photo frames and candle holders.

10th Anniversary – Tin

Unless you’re open to dressing up as the tinman from The Wizard of Oz – here are some other gift ideas which may come in handy for your 10th anniversary…

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Key Ring
  • Plant Pots
  • Vase
  • Biscuit/Coffee/Cake Tins (make sure to include a treat inside!)

15th Anniversary – Crystal

If you want to stay away from the traditional gifts such as the crystal bells, flutes, and ornaments, opt for a champagne bucket or jewellery instead. 

20th Anniversary – China

Along with tea sets, new plates, bowls and mugs, you could always splash out on your 20th anniversary and treat your partner to a holiday of a lifetime to China!

25th Anniversary – Silver

Probably one of the easiest wedding anniversaries to buy for, the 25th anniversary gift is silver and could be gifted as jewellery or home accessories.

30th Anniversary – Pearl

Along with pearl jewellery being the obvious option for this anniversary, you could always treat them to a bouquet of pearl drop flowers too. 

35th Anniversary – Coral

This anniversary it’s time for you and your partner to get adventurous- book a trip to go diving on an island that you’ve always wanted to visit! For smaller budget gifts, you can take a day trip to the local Sea Life centre together instead.

50th Anniversary – Gold

You are gold! Congratulations- you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. If you’d like to gift your partner to something other than jewellery, you could book a trip to the Gold Coast in Australia, visit The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand or the Gold Room at The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia – the options are endless!

Here’s a list of all the other anniversaries by year:

11th – Steel

12th – Linen/Silk

13th – Lace

14th – Elephant

16th – Wax

40th – Ruby

45th – Sapphire

55th – Emerald

60th – Diamond

65th – Sapphire

70th – Platinum

80th – Oak

85th – Wine

90th – Stone


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