Four wedding traditions observed by the superstitious

Weddings have a long history of superstitions. Some of them you might know, but others are more obscure and can be surprising.

If you’re the type to knock on wood, pay heed to these quirky superstition:

1. No pearls for the bride

It’s believed that these sea gems represent the tears a bride will shed during her wedded life. Opt for diamonds, crystals, or other jewels instead for a prosperous life together.

2. Avoid knives

It may seem like common sense that knives bring about a certain sense of foreboding, and knives as wedding presents are no different. Symbolic of broken relationships, traditionalists says they are best avoided.

3. Embrace the rain

While you can’t necessarily choose the weather on your wedding, you may want to plan your day around the rainiest season. While most of us want the sun to shine, a rainy day of matrimony is said to represent fertility and good luck. Just be sure to take an umbrella with you!

4. Throwing shoes?

One Tudor tradition that you may wish to forego is having members of your wedding party throw their shoes at you for good luck. Maybe this one is best left in the past?

Of course, these are just superstitions. Your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so feel free to make the day your own.

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