Four questions when planning your wedding registry

Your wedding gift list, should you choose to have one at all, will probably reflect your current circumstances and requirements. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your gift list.

1. What do you need?

Many couples these days live together prior to tying the knot, so you may not need many household items. Consider what might need replacing or updating. Could you use some new bedding? Is your vacuum cleaner on its last legs?

On the contrary, if you’re waiting to move in together until after the wedding, this is the perfect time to acquire some items for your new home.

2. What do you want?

It’s not all about the necessities when it comes to your wedding gift list. A cinema subscription makes for a lovely gift. How about a record or CD player, or perhaps a digital photo frame to display your wedding snaps?

3. What’s the budget of your guests?

It may be the case that you have guests with varying financial backgrounds, so you might want to include a wide range of items on your registry list. Make sure there’s something suitable for everyone’s budget.

4. What about a honeymoon fund or charity donation?

You may just prefer to ask your guests for a contribution to your honeymoon spending money fund. Altruistic couples could nominate a charity of choice to receive donations in lieu of gifts.

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