Five Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Dessert Table

Dessert stations are a popular addition to wedding receptions – and we understand why! Not only do they look great in wedding photos but they usually become the most frequently visited spot of the night (aside from the bar, of course!). If you’re thinking of creating a feature table filled with sugary delights, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor has pulled together a list of their five top tips to ensure your dessert bar has everything it needs to tantalise your guests.

1. Variety

Remember: the bigger the variety the better the dessert bar. There’s no limit to what kind of treats you can serve so whether you’re a fan of cookies, sweets, brownies, pies, doughnuts, puddings, cake or even chocolate fondue – include them all to satisfy each of your guests. 

2. Staging

Add a little drama to your dessert table to make it as photogenic as possible. No matter the shape of your table, adding some height in your table setting will really make your dessert station stand out. Other great finishing touches include candles, table runners, signage, and floral decorations.  

3. Remember: you need to cut the cake!

Many couples create their dessert stations forgetting that they need to have access to the cake. Although the wedding cake makes a great centrepiece for the table, this location can usually cause problems when it comes to cake cutting. Make sure there’s enough space for you and your partner to cut the cake without having to move things around later in the evening. 

4. Consider your theme

Keep the dessert bar in line with your wedding theme. If you’re planning a vintage style wedding, opt for photo frames, bird cages and candles as decorations or if you’re looking for something more bohemian, think ivy, greens, and wooden elements. 

5. Positioning

It’s important to consider the positioning of your table – you don’t want your dessert bar to be in the corner of the room not attracting any attention from your guests! If a blank background is not available, consider including a backdrop for your table that matches your wedding theme. 


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