Five Tips on Perfecting your Wedding Vows

Unless you’re a hopeless romantic and an expert when it comes to perfecting the written word, writing your wedding vows can be a daunting task. From summing up how you feel about your partner to your aspirations for your future together, sometimes there’s so much to say in a short space of time. So, to help you out, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of their top tips for writing wedding vows. Shakespeare, eat your heart out!

1. Brainstorm then Cut 

The best way to start writing your wedding vows is by brainstorming! Get your ideas flowing and write down all your favourite memories together and the experiences that have led you to this very moment. Think about what you want to promise your partner and how you are going to ensure you live a happy life together. After you have all of this down, this is when you start to cut. Remember, you will be saying these vows in front of all your friends and family, so although you want them to be personal and it’s okay to add some humour, best to leave anything inappropriate and the inside jokes for another time. 

2. Practise in Front of a Mirror 

Expressing your love for your partner in front of a crowd shouldn’t be a stressful experience, so if you suffer from anxiety and struggle with public speaking, practise your vows in front of a mirror or read them to a member of your wedding party for reassurance. 

3. Stick to Six

Your vows are important, but it doesn’t mean they should drag on. We recommend making six vows to your partner which are both fun and serious, leaving enough time to not only mention your fondest memories, but reasons why you love your partner too. For example, you can vow to love and support them in everything that they do, but also to always tell them when they have something in their teeth. 

4. I Love You

This seems like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised at how many couples actually forget those all-important three little words! Make sure you tell your partner that you love them and, in the lead-up, it’s always good to tell them why. 

5. Have an Ending 

Traditionally, it’s always nice to end your vows with a statement on your everlasting commitment to your partner. Some examples include “always and forever” “for the rest of our lives” or “until the very end”.


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