Five Tips on Perfecting your Wedding Speech

If you or a member of your wedding party are nervous about making an upcoming wedding speech, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together their top tips to help you put pen to paper and keep you relaxed on the big day! 

1. Brainstorm

The best way to start writing a wedding speech is by making some key notes on what you would like to include. We recommend listing who will be in the audience, what memories you would like to include, who you should be thanking for attending and what you would like to hear in this speech if you were in the audience. It’s also worth listing who will be making a toast before you and seeing how you can follow on from their speech so you have the perfect opener. 

2. Practice, Practice and Practice Some More

The better prepared you are, the more confident you will be! Practice your speech enough so that you have it memorised, this will allow you to relax and engage better with your audience. 

3. Avoid the Bubbly

Although it is very tempting to have a few drinks before a speech, alcohol could make the situation worse for you. It may cause you to slur your words, forget your lines and lose track of where you’re up to on your note cards. To ensure you’re participating in other toasts, we recommend sticking to one glass of champagne before you take centre stage. 

4. Don’t Embarrass the Couple

A keynote to remember is that you’re supposed to be toasting the newlyweds, not giving them a roasting. Remember who will be in the audience and keep the hen and stag party jokes for another time. To test whether a joke is suitable for your audience, ask yourself if you would be comfortable with this story being shared with your grandparents and work colleagues. 

5. Use Props

If you don’t feel comfortable about simply standing and speaking into a microphone, why not add some props or visual aids into your speech? Popular choices include slideshows, videos and items from the bride or groom’s past. 


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