Five tips for brides to get the best wedding photos

Every bride wants to look her best in her wedding photos. Here are five things to remember when it comes to looking great in your pictures:

1. Poses

There are hundreds of poses for wedding photos, so do some research beforehand. Some favourites may include lying on grass, covering your groom’s eyes with your hands or capturing the expression on your husband-to-be’s face as he sees you walking down the aisle.

2. Angles

Try out a few different positions in the mirror to see which you most like the look of. Most people prefer one side of their face to the other, so turn your head slightly to the camera to showcase your best side. Good posture is also key to a great photo, but it’s important not to stand as stiff as a board.

3. The dress

There are many ways that you can show off your beautiful wedding dress, such as a shot of you twirling or of the back of you, perhaps with your veil blowing in the wind.

4. Touching moments

When you look back on your wedding photos, the tenderest moments will be the most cherished. Make sure your photographer knows you want some candid emotional shots included, such as when your dad first sees you in your dress.

5. Smile

Don’t practise smiling too much or it will feel awkward on the day. Remember, a genuine smile is better than a forced one, and the best smiles come from the eyes and not just the mouth.

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