Five Questions you need to ask your Wedding DJ

Don’t let your wedding DJ kill your party vibe – ensure the music isn’t an afterthought in your wedding planning and ask your DJ these five burning questions to guarantee each transition and song choice compliments your big day, all collated by the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor…


1. What’s your DJ style?

This is a great question to figure out whether a DJ is right for you and if they suit your overall wedding theme. What music do they listen to? Do they use a mic to encourage guests to dance and introduce new songs? Do they mix each song together so there’s no break in between? Do they like to dance with the crowd? Getting an insight into their DJ style gives you an image of the dance floor at your wedding reception, so it’s important it matches with what you envisioned for your big day. 


2. What are your meal and drink requirements?

Many couples forget to provide food and drink for the wedding DJ! Make sure your DJ feels welcome to your wedding and get their dietary requirements ahead of the big day so they don’t feel like an afterthought. 


3. Can you provide a sample of your mixing style?

How a DJ transitions between each song is important at a wedding reception as it can affect the overall vibe. Ask if they can provide a sample so you can hear how they mix and be reassured there will be no awkward pauses on the dance floor. 


5. Do you take requests?

Many guests feel inspired on the dance floor and like to make requests for your family and friends. Supply your wedding DJ with a do-not-play list to ensure nothing too cheesy makes its way onto your dance floor but keep your guests happy and ask if they can be flexible with requests on your big day. 


4. What’s your Plan B?

If there’s an emergency and your DJ can no longer make it to your wedding, you want to make sure there is a Plan B. Ask your wedding DJ if they have any team members or a network they can tap into if they can no longer attend. 


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