Five Father of the Bride Traditions to Keep

A wedding is often just as important to the parents of the couple as it is to the couple themselves, and the father of the bride is a proud role for any dad to take. Being a key member of the bridal party, the father of the bride shouldn’t underestimate the role he’s about to play and it’s important each dad is aware of his duties on the lead up to and on the big day itself. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together a list of our top five father of the bride traditions to help dad put his mark on your big day.

1. Attend the Stag Do

One of the more fun traditions to keep is ensuring you attend your future in-laws stag party! Although this may totally depend on the type of stag do the groom has in mind, you should always attend if only for a couple of drinks at the beginning of the night. It gives you a great chance to get to know the groomsmen ahead of the big day whilst showing your support and approval of the wedding itself.   

2. Get her to the Church on Time

Although many brides like to be fashionably late, it’s important you travel with her to the ceremony venue. Take this time as an opportunity to have a private, heartfelt moment with your daughter and take her mind off her nerves with some funny dad jokes and memories. 

3. Walk her down the Aisle

Although this is a tradition that some couples like to steer clear of as many brides don’t like the idea of her father “giving her away”, it’s also a nice tradition to have to help the bride with nerves. If you’d like to walk your daughter down the aisle, make sure you rehearse in advance, so you know when to make your entrance and the speed you need to walk. If your daughter is wearing a veil, make sure you practise lifting it – it’s not as easy as it looks!

4. Host the Reception

The reception is traditionally hosted by the couple’s parents. As father of the bride, it’s important you enter the reception first with your partner and greet the guests as they arrive. 

5. The Father-Daughter Dance

A wonderful tradition in every wedding is the famous father-daughter dance. Make sure you’re involved in the decision making when it comes to selecting a song and if you’re not confident on the dancefloor, treat your daughter and yourself to some dance lessons before the big day!


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