Five Clever Tricks on How to Keep your Cool at a Summer Wedding

UK summer weddings can be very temperamental when it comes to the weather, however, if you’re one of the lucky ones who manages to secure a day with glorious sunshine, it’s important to keep yourself and your guests feeling cool and comfortable throughout the celebration. To help you keep things cool, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together five clever tricks to ensure your wedding runs as smoothly and temperature controlled as possible… 

1. Cool Wedding Keepsakes 

One way to keep yourself and your guests cool during your summer affair is by providing them with a cooling keepsake! If you’ve opted for an outdoor wedding, provide your guests with a complimentary hand fan or parasol. Not only will they make fun decorative features that blend with your chosen design of the day, but they also make great keepsakes for your guests to use for the rest of the summer months. Other options include personalised sun cream bottles and ice packs.

2. It’s all in the Coconut

Not only is coconut water super-hydrating and high in nutrients, but it smells great too! Set up a cute coconut water station at your wedding for guests to rehydrate and provide coconut scented wipes for each table to keep the sweat beads at bay.

3. Add Frozen Treats to the Menu

For the grown-ups, try ice-cool options for your cocktail hour beverages including frozen daiquiris and champagne lollies and for the kids, it’s always fun to add an ice-cream cart to your wedding reception providing a variety of flavours and toppings to enjoy. 

4. Be Shady

Make sure the venue can provide enough shade for your guests. For example, an outdoor location with lots of trees is a good option as natural shade is one less element to worry about and is included in the cost of your venue, however if you’re unable to find a suitable location, consider a large tent or patio umbrellas as a substitute. It’s also best to avoid the sun when it’s at its highest in the sky, so look to have your ceremony and reception during the coolest time of your selected day.

5. Cool Wedding Design

Chairs which are made of metal and leather are a big “no” when it comes to a summer wedding. Opt for heat resistant materials in your wedding design to help keep guests cool throughout the day. Wicker and light-weight fabrics like silk and cotton are great options for the summer heat.


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