Everything you ever wanted to know about wedding arches

Wedding arches are quintessentially associated with weddings. They’re a staple in picture perfect film weddings, and make a beautiful alternative to an altar if you’re looking for something a little different. If you’re considering an arch for your wedding, here are a few interesting facts about this feature you might not know:

New life symbolism

Arches have a lot of symbolism, and many representations depend on the shape of the structure. Curved arches are designed to represent the future home of the couple and the journey of moving towards a new life together. A curved arch with doors emphasises the passage between the past and the future.

Stability symbolism

Square arches, with their sturdy solid structure, are symbolic of stability, which is an ideal message to carry through a lifetime together with your new bride or groom.


Wedding arches make fantastic platforms for decorative flowers and leaves. They can be draped with veils, or even decorated with fairy lights. You could get really creative with your arch and make it the main feature during your ceremony. Some religious ceremonies use a variant of the wedding arch as a type of canopy, which is an important part of the wedding.

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