Cocktails to Rock your Wedding

Every wedding detail should reflect the interests and tastes of you and your partner. One way to express this is by selecting a signature wedding cocktail or two!

There are lots of great wedding cocktail recipes out there. Choosing one as your signature drink can be a little daunting. You may want the drink to feature your favourite flavours. The cocktail could event match your wedding colours, or even reflect a memory from your relationship. Or you could follow in the footsteps of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright and get your caterer to create your own signature cocktail! Named the M&M, theirs featured Makers Mark whisky, blended with Baileys and cream, topped with an M&M chocolate foam!

So whether you’re interested in giving your guests a taste of something special by having one wedding cocktail for the evening, a ‘his’, ‘hers’ or ‘us’ selection, or even creating a whole cocktail menu for your guests to enjoy. We’ve pulled together a list of The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor’s favourites to get you started.

Alcohol-free options, too!

Remember, you’ll likely have non-drinkers and children on the guest-list too, so make sure to have a mocktail option on the menu to ensure all your guests can get in on the cocktail fun. 

Martini Wedding Cocktail

Some of the easiest drinks to mix up for a wedding are martinis. This is because, not only do they taste great, but they will look sophisticated too! Add different flavours to match your wedding colours and taste.

French 75

If you’re interested in serving a Champagne cocktail, the French 75 is a simple choice with a citrus taste. French 75 is named after the fast-firing 75mm field gun that was utilised by the French during World War One (a fun fact to share with your new in-laws!).

This cocktail consists of gin, sugar, fresh lemon juice and Champagne. 

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddies aren’t just for curing colds, they are perfect for keeping guests toasty at winter weddings too. This hot cocktail is a cosy and comforting choice and offers some incredible flavours. Start by selecting a tea and pair with lemon, honey, hot water and a bourbon or whisky of your choice. 


If you’re a people pleaser and would like to serve a drink that everyone is going to love, throw a fiesta with the ultimate cocktail – the margarita. Not only will it keep the groomsmen and bridesmaids away from the tequila shots, in addition, you can tailor the flavours to suit the season and theme. 


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