Candid photography shots so even shy people are captured

Not everyone feels comfortable posing in front of the camera, but if you’re wanting some long-lasting wedding snaps to treasure after your special day has ended, there are ways to work around your camera shyness so that hiring a photographer isn’t a bust. Here are a few tips:

Choose your photography style

Documentary or journalistic-style photography is the best option for anyone who feels awkward being photographed. It’s the most natural, and you won’t be asked to pose for staged shots.

Talk to the photographer

Let your photographer know in advance that you’re nervous around cameras. Don’t forget, you’re hiring them – it’s their job to make you feel at ease whilst working on your wedding photos. If they know that you’re feeling anxious, they won’t ask you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable.


Your nerves may abate if you book yourself in for a pre-wedding photoshoot, which will give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with your photographer and to get used to the camera in a quieter and more intimate setting.

Forget about the camera

If you’ve opted for a photographer who specialises in candid shots, just enjoy your big day and let the photographer do their work. Forget they’re even there and trust that they will capture your precious moments without being intrusive.

Delamere Manor is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cheshire, which lends itself perfectly to featuring in stunning photographs of your ceremony. Give us a ring today to book your date.

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