Beautiful wedding hairstyles for afro-textured hair

If your hair has an afro-texture, you might be wondering about the best way to wear it for your upcoming wedding. Dependent on your hair length, there are plenty of different ways to make your hair suit your taste and personality. Here are a few great ideas you might like to try:

Up-do hairstyles

Afro hair lends itself beautifully to an up-do, and there are many to choose from. Twists are a popular choice, and they can be high or low, or even in conjunction with a bun. Try leaving a few tendrils loose from chunky twists with a low bun for a romantic look. Add a few accessories, such as jewels, flowers, or a headband to finish off your style.

Glamourous hairstyles

For the ultimate in elegance and glamour, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful twisted hawk, and for added ‘wow factor’, you could include some cornrows stylishly woven into the style. If you want to add extra length or volume, weaves are a great way to achieve your desired look.

Head coverings

A traditional hair wrap is a lovely nod to cultural heritage if you come from an African background. Use a wrap to add a splash of colour to complement your bridal gown, or as an alternative look for your evening reception attire.

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