Beautiful calligraphy styles for your wedding stationery

As today is World Calligraphy Day, now is a great time to think about your wedding stationery and to plan the style of font for the all-important invitations, envelopes, and table settings. Here are a few beautiful options to consider:

Floral Calligraphy

As you might expect from the name, floral calligraphy is an intricate and ornate script that often incorporates delicately drawn flowers and vines into or around the lettering for added embellishment. This classy style is perfect for traditional wedding invitations, and would fit the theme perfectly for spring or summer weddings. Floral fonts can be printed or hand-written by a calligrapher.

Traditional Calligraphy

Nib and pen calligraphers are able to create a variety of traditional styles of lettering with thick and thin strokes to suit your preference. Italic, Copperblack, Spencerian and Blackletter are all fine examples of traditional calligraphy. Each letter is measured precisely to conform to a set height, and the end result is beautifully elegant.

Modern Calligraphy

A fresh and funky idea for your wedding stationery might be to opt for a more freeform script, using brush lettering for an up-to-date style. Chunky letters and a fun vibe makes this style of font ideal for a modern couple.

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