Alcoholic and non-alcoholic ideas for weddings

When planning your wedding reception, you might be wondering which drinks are most appropriate to serve to your guests. It’s wise to have a choice of beverages to suit different ages and tastes – here are a few ideas to consider:


It’s a given that wine is probably expected at a wedding, but how many different varieties should you serve? You probably don’t need more than one red to pair with meat or duck, one white to pair with fish or chicken and one sparkling. If you’re planning a winter wedding, mulled wine is an appropriate seasonal addition. Rosé is another very versatile option, as it makes for a delicious accompaniment with a wide range of dishes.


For something a little different, you might like to offer your guests a range of cocktails at your reception. Chat to the bar staff about the possibility of creating a signature drink for your special day.


There’s bound to be some guests who would prefer beer with their meal. A couple of kegs will serve over 300 drinks, so plan your quantities according to the number of guests.


Children might be satisfied with cola, lemonade or squash, but any teetotal adults might prefer something a little more upmarket. A few mocktail options or alcohol-free ciders are more adult versions of soft drinks that will likely go down well.

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