A Mid-week Wedding

So, you’ve finally got engaged. Congratulations! Now it’s time to try on a few dresses, taste a cake or two, book entertainment, and most importantly set a date!

Most couples have their sights set on Saturday, considering it’s the most popular and traditional day to tie the knot. However, as the times change, so do traditions!

Instead of locking yourself into a busy and expensive weekend wedding, mid-week weddings could be the key to opening a new world of possibilities.

But, before you crinkle your nose at the idea, we have a few perks you may not have thought of that could make you swoon with delight.

Save, save, save!

It’s love at first sight when you’ve found the venue of your dreams. Yet, the price tag can become a barrier between what your heart wants, and what your financial mind is thinking. This is one of the most obvious reasons and is largely the primary influence for selecting a mid-week wedding date.

No one should be expected to settle for less, and by selecting a weekday, this can cut your costs significantly; making most venues far more negotiable and sometimes up to thousands of pounds less, especially during the summer months.

As an added bonus, all those savings will make your budget stretch towards any extra details you want to include, or even pay for a romantic spa day on your honeymoon! And, with local hotel prices dropping during weekdays and many offering special mid-week deals, your guests will also benefit from a luxury stay at half the price!


Many popular wedding venues and suppliers from caterers to florists can get easily booked up in advance for the weekend, but often there is greater availability and flexibility when it comes to hiring on weekdays.

It’s a great incentive to attract mid-week weddings – bringing you one step closer to achieving that fantasy fairy-tale wedding.

Plus, this gives you the opportunity to book within the Christmas, Easter, and other holiday periods, where guests are more likely to be present for your big day.

Your Special Date

There’s nothing more meaningful than getting married on the day you first met, the date of your engagement, or on your birthday. Afterall, this is a day to claim as your own – even if that means decorating your ceremony with tropical plants to remind you of your first holiday together, then so be it!

From Monday to Friday, Delamere Manor will ensure our venues and services are designed to suit you, whatever day you choose.

Contact the team today to discuss your wedding day at  [email protected]


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