A Guide to Mr & Mrs – Our Favourite Questions from the Popular Game


If you’re looking to put the nearly-weds to the ultimate test before their wedding day- we’ve got you covered! Here are our favourite questions from the popular game Mr & Mrs, perfect for hen and stag parties…


Top Tips

– Only ask the questions you think the hen or stag will enjoy answering. Best to avoid any awkward moments if family are in attendance. 

– Mr & Mrs makes a great drinking game! For every question they get wrong, they must drink a shot. For every question they get right, the rest of the party must drink a shot – simple!

– If the bride or groom isn’t a big drinker, you can always have an item of fancy dress to hand, ready for them to put on for every question they get wrong. The more embarrassing, the better – think human buckaroo! 


How To Play

Before the hen or stag party takes place, the host must send the selected questions to the stag/hen’s partner for them to answer. The host will question the stag/hen and reveal the correct answer their partner selected. You can work out relevant prizes/forfeits depending on the sort of things your bride/groom is interested in. To add an extra element of fun, the host could film the partner giving their answers and play it out during the game. 


Top Questions

  1. Where were you when you first said, ‘I Love You’?
  2. What would your partner say is your worst habit?
  3. What is your partner’s worst habit?
  4. In a fire, what is the first thing your partner would grab?
  5. If you compared yourself to a celebrity couple, who would it be?
  6. Who was your partner’s first celebrity crush?
  7. Who is the funniest?
  8. What was the first film you saw together?
  9. Where was your first date?
  10. Who would play your partner in a movie?
  11. Who is better looking?
  12. What does your partner think they’re good at, but they actually aren’t?
  13. What item of your clothing does your partner dislike the most?
  14. Name all your partner’s cousins.
  15. In the beginning, who made the first move?


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