9 Of-The-Moment Bridesmaid Dress Trends You Need to Know About

The freshest styles to create a stunning line-up on your big day.

If you’re saying “I Do” this year or in 2022, there’s so much to look forward to – especially if your plans have been postponed due to the past year. With every new year comes a new set of wedding trends and bridesmaid dresses are no exception. From seasonal colours, to whimsical patterns and luxurious fabrics, there is a bridesmaid dress to suit every budget and the right choice will perfectly tie the final details of your special day together.

After some extensive research, the Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have compiled the ultimate list of the hottest bridesmaid dress trends for 2022 which should give you plenty of inspiration on how you want your girls to look on your wedding day. 

1. Mix Things Up

The biggest trend of 2022 is to allow your bridesmaids to mix things up and express their individuality. Whether it’s mismatching the fabrics, colours, styling, prints (or even all four!), the key is to trust their own knowledge of what works best for them and to allow them to express themselves and their personal tastes on your big day. To keep an element of control over the chaos, set some boundaries so the dresses still match the overall wedding theme. You can do this by providing them with a colour palette or selecting a range of patterns for them to choose from.

2. Keep Things Neutral

Give a modern, clean and crisp feel to your day by keeping to muted tones. The pros to selecting neutral dresses is that they not only look wonderfully elegant, but they also match perfectly with a white wedding dress for the wedding photos. On-trend shades include champagne, nude, ivory, pearl and oyster. 

3. Luxe Fabrics

A key element to consider when selecting your bridesmaid’s dresses is comfort. Thankfully, for 2022 one of the biggest trends is luxe fabrics which can be used whatever the season. Think soft and flowy dresses in silks and satins and for winter weddings, go for tailored and structured dresses in rich velvets. 

4. Nature Pallets

As bohemian and outdoor weddings continue to grow in popularity, it’s no surprise that brides and grooms have started to incorporate the nature theme into their colour palettes! Shades of green and blue create a fresh feel in your bridesmaid line-up and can be used for each season. For spring/summer weddings, select dusty blues and olive tones, while autumn/winter weddings can be elevated with emeralds and midnight blues.

5. Ground-breaking Florals

Printed bridesmaid dresses bring personality into a bridal party and florals are a perfect choice for spring and summer. Whether you’re interested in bold florals or subtle florals in dreamy shades of cream, sage, and rose, using a floral print can really accentuate your wedding theme and can match with the floral decorations used in your ceremony and reception!

6. Separates

Over the years we have seen a massive increase in brides opting for jumpsuits for their bridesmaids. The trend for 2022? Separates. We love the increase in non-traditional wedding outfits and for those who love to wear separate pieces as opposed to wearing a bridesmaid dress or a jumpsuit, 2022 is your time to shine! Whether it’s a tailored top with matching trousers, or a crop top matched with a floaty skirt, this trend allows you and your bridesmaids to be adventurous and create a look that matches their personalities. 

7. The 90s Cowl 

The 90s trends are not only making a comeback in our day-to-day wear, but they are also creeping into our wedding wardrobes too! Reintroducing: the cowl neckline. A cowl neck is usually used on lightweight dresses which can create a chic look for each of your bridesmaids. Whatever your wedding theme, a cowl neckline dress will look effortlessly stylish in the wedding line-up.

8. A Fashion Ruffle

Ruffles are not only a hit trend for the bride in 2022, but they are also becoming a must-have for the bridesmaids too. You can keep this trend simple with a floor-length dress featuring gently flared layered ruffles, or you can cause a fashion ruffle and feature the trend from head to toe!

9. Bridesmaids in Black

Throwing it back to Charlotte’s look in Sex and the City, the classic black dress has made a comeback and its looking more glamorous than ever before. Great for consistency, the little black bridesmaid dress is a sophisticated choice that is sure to keep each of your bridesmaids happy. It’s also a great choice if you’re going with a black and white wedding theme too!


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