5 Creative Ways to Thank your Wedding Suppliers



From your wedding photographer and florist to your caterers and planners, each wedding supplier works exceptionally hard to ensure every couple has their dream wedding and it’s a nice gesture to thank them for their efforts on the day. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor has pulled together a list of five creative, fun ways for you to thank your wedding crew, making them feel appreciated for all their hard work…


1. Write it in a letter

Sending your suppliers a thank you letter filled with specifics on how they helped you throughout your special day is great way to make them feel appreciated. We recommend sourcing a template which you can personalise for each supplier highlighting certain services that stood out for you on the day.  


2. Leave a tip

Although it’s not mandatory to tip your wedding suppliers, it’s encouraged- especially if they’ve gone above and beyond. We recommend incorporating an estimated tip section into your initial wedding budget, ensuring you can tip each supplier for their services. 


3. Leave them a glowing review

Writing a review for each of your wedding suppliers can really make their day, whilst boosting their business! A great way to do this is via their website, via email for them to share with possible clients and across your social media channels. 


4. Purchase a gift card from their business

A great way to compliment your wedding suppliers is by becoming a loyal customer to their brand! Consider purchasing a gift card from their business to use for other upcoming celebrations. 


5. Send them a gift

If you had a particularly special experience with one of your wedding suppliers, show them your gratitude with a thoughtful gift. We recommend flowers, a bottle of their favourite tipple, gift baskets or maybe even a gift card from their favourite store. A great way to gain inspiration is by using their social media channels to find out about their interests. 



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