10 Things to do the night before your wedding

It’s the night before your wedding and you’re bound to be feeling excited but a little (or a lot) nervous too. The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have pulled together their top tips to make sure you’re well rested and prepped ready for your big day.

Eat a healthy and light meal

Avoid anything too heavy and greasy the night before your wedding and go for something healthy with lots of veggies if you can. You might not feel that hungry but try and eat a light meal – you have a big day ahead and will need the energy!

Drink lots of water

Essential for good skin, make sure you keep hydrated with lots of water the day before. Personalised water bottles for your bridal party are a fun idea to make sure everyone ups their water intake. Shop here.

Wash your hair

Check with your hairstylist, but next day hair is often much easier to work with. Avoid hair masks and heavy conditioners that could weigh your hair down and make it flat.

Beauty prep on the night before your wedding

Have a bath, put on lots of body lotion and most importantly stick to your usual skincare routine. Avoid exfoliating or face masks which may lead to irritation before your big day.

Write a love note

Write your partner a little love note and ask a friend to give it to him or her the next morning while they are getting ready!

Watch something fun with your bridal party

Relax and watch a good old wedding themed Rom-Com with your bridal party. Our favourites include My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bridesmaids and Bride Wars.

Prep your essentials

Make sure you’ve gathered all the things you’ll need on the day including tissues, eyelash glue, hair grips etc to save time in the morning.

Have a walk / dance in your wedding shoes

Pop on your wedding shoes so you can practice walking down the aisle or put on some tunes and have a dance, great for breaking in new heels!

Face-time your partner goodnight

If you’re sticking to tradition it’s the last time you’ll see your partner until you meet at the aisle so kiss them goodnight virtually and the next day you’ll be a married couple!

Get a good night’s sleep 

It’s an obvious one and often easier said than done but turn your phone off and go to bed at a decent hour. If you’re a fan of yoga and meditation, build in a little practice into your evening or even just some deep breathing exercises at bedtime will help calm the mind and make you feel relaxed.

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