10 Photos You Must Snap at Your Wedding

Weddings can take months or even years to plan but it feels like the day itself flies by at the speed of light. From the ceremony to the reception, after it’s all finished, you want to relive it all over again, and with the unveiling of your wedding photos, it’s almost like you are!

Photos of the big day are truly special because not only do they give you something to look back on over the years, they also give you the opportunity to see parts of the day that maybe you didn’t experience first time round, from the tears your dad quickly wiped away as he walks you down the aisle, to your friends throwing some memorable moves on the dance floor.

When writing your shot list, aside from the family line-up shots, what pictures will you want to see in years to come? The Wedding Team at Delamere Manor have compiled a list of 10 photos you should consider adding to your list, we promise you they’re all framers!

1. Getting Ready

The last moments before the ceremony are filled with excitement and emotion – from flower girls twirling in their dresses to groomsmen helping each other with their buttonholes, these are all precious moments well worth capturing.

2. Pre-aisle Walk

You’re standing just outside, about to walk down the aisle. There’s a fleeting moment to share a hug with your bridesmaids, take a deep breath – it’s a powerful shot to add to your wedding album.

3. The First Look

The moment you’ve been building up to for months – when you see each for the first time at the ceremony – make sure your photographer has the best vantage point to take this all-important shot.

4. Special Touches

There will be many things which make your day unique but it’s important to let the photographer know which ones you’re really keen to capture. Whether it’s a flower arch, your place settings or the embroidered table runners you spent months making, these all add to immortalising your day.

5. Your Guests

This may sound obvious but it’s surprising how much time is focussed on the bridal couple versus the guests. If you’re really keen to see how much your loved ones have enjoyed themselves throughout the day, make sure to impress on the photographer that you’d like to see those moments photographed as well.

6. Aerial Shot

The reception is in full swing and it’s all going to perfection. A shot captured from up high gives a really unique perspective into the day and is well worth considering.

7. Family

Aside from the official line-up photos, pictures of your family at your wedding are images you’ll cherish. From natural pictures of you with your siblings, or your parents, these images can really sum up the emotion of the day.

8. Speech Watching

For those who have to stand up and do a speech, it can be an incredibly nerve-racking moment. Inevitably there’ll be some real emotion in the words spoken and it’s wonderful to capture your guests responding to that – whether it’s a few tears or crying with laughter – it’s lovely to look back on.

9.Animal Magic

If your dog has been lucky enough to make it onto the guest list, make sure they’re caught on camera! 

10. Dance Like No-one’s Watching

After dinner it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself with the rest of the wedding party. This is the time to snap those moments with friends, the energy, the moves and the laughter!


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