10 Facts about Delamere Manor

Delamere Manor is one of the most highly acclaimed luxury wedding venues in Cheshire. It’s widely renowned for its stunning grounds, beautiful interior decor and friendly wedding planning team. There are, however, a few surprising facts about the manor that you may not be aware of. Here are 10 of the most interesting secrets behind this luxury venue:

1. Delamere Manor used to be the home of Take That’s lead singer, Gary Barlow.

2. It was built in 1939 on the grounds of Delamere House.

3. The original buildings of Delamere Lodge – later renamed to Delamere House – and the current Delamere Manor were owned by the Wilbraham family for almost 200 years.

4. The current owner of Delamere Manor is Michelle Stubbs, who used to be a lawyer. Stubbs is multifaceted and she even holds an HGV license.

5. The manor has a large enough capacity to accommodate 500 wedding attendees.

6. The venue boasts its very own nightclub, which used to be the recording studio of Gary Barlow, and has been used to record albums for many other famous singers.

7. Several celebrities have held their weddings at the manor, including actors, actresses and sports stars.

8. During the Second World War, Delamere Manor accommodated around 15,000 British and American soldiers, as well as families of Polish soldiers.

9. The lake at the manor is filled with trout, and it was once a popular fishing haunt.

10. Delamere Manor sports its very own helipad.

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